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pictures of the universe




Capture video;
PFont font;
float x, y;
float rot;

void setup(){
size (800,800);
video=new Capture (this, 800,800,15);
font =loadFont(“Arial-BoldMT-32.vlw”);

void draw(){
if (video.available()){;}
image (video,0,0);
if( mousePressed) {
text(“this is a you inside a computer inside a space”, 25, 100);}
if (keyPressed) {
text (“”,100, 100);

“the subtext of what i’m saying is we really don’t know”- gary lincoff

your daily news. lasered with philosophical meanderings/readings.. and ironically more knowledge.


“if knowledge of a whole (one) is broken into two and explained, and then these are dived into three and four and analyzed, we are no closer to understanding the whole than we were before.  when we do this, however we come under the illusion that knowledge has increased.  but can we say that by endlessly repeating our divisions and analyses and then gathering up all the fragments, we have advanced human knowledge in any meaningful way?

with increased “knowledge” comes an increased desire for more knowledge, and then people work and work to invent machines to help them achieve even greater knowledge.  but even if “proof” is found, only more questions will arise from that so-called proof.  the desire for knowledge becomes endless and we lose sight of our place in the world.  in the end, the true essence of the moon is more clearly seen through the eyes of a child.”